13 Top Enterprise App Ideas for 2024

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If you don’t have a custom mobile app for your business yet, it may be difficult to imagine the benefits. However, trust us, existing businesses can create an app to serve customers and empower employees. There are numerous enterprise app ideas that indicate it could be the best step to elevate your company.

After all, your customers are already using apps extensively. According to Statista, 92% of smartphone usage is dedicated to apps, not browsers. Your users prefer apps, and prioritizing your clients and customers is beneficial for your business.

Top App Ideas for Growing Businesses

Not sure where to begin yet? That’s okay. We all need some inspiration from time to time. That’s why we have the following list. Here, you’ll discover the top 13 app examples and ideas available right now. They can help you learn how to create an app for your business. Let’s get started.

Employee Communication App for Businesses

As organizations grow, communication and teamwork can be difficult. A custom enterprise app can help overcome these challenges by catering to your specific requirements. This goes beyond what popular tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams offer.

When your communication tool is tailored to your needs, daily tasks become simpler. Sharing files is effortless, HR tasks are streamlined, and push notifications ensure nothing is missed with automated workflows.

App for Mindfulness and Meditation

Imagine the advantages your business could gain by developing its own mindfulness app. Your customers already visit your yoga, meditation, or sound bath studio because they value and depend on the techniques you provide. So why not expand your offerings to cater to their needs even when they are on the move?

Considering that over 200 million individuals worldwide practice meditation, it is evident that there is a significant demand for mindfulness. In today’s smartphone-centric society, everyone could benefit from incorporating mindfulness into their lives. By creating an app that complements your physical business, you can connect with people beyond your local community and offer them the benefits of your expertise.


Fitness App 

Most people are not as active as they should be. However, it can be difficult to exercise if you don’t know where to begin. If you have a fitness-related business, such as personal training, creating an app could be a great idea. The app can include instructional videos on different exercises for your clients. It can also offer workout routines that can be done at home or while traveling, when they are unable to work out with you in person. Additionally, this app has the potential to reach a wider audience beyond your current clients, attracting people seeking fitness guidance from anywhere.

App for Airport Services

Long-distance travel can be frustrating, especially when it comes to getting to the airport. You can drive yourself and pay for parking, hope for a ride from friends or family, or rely on a booked car service. However, having a specialized app for airport drop-offs could provide a more reliable and stress-free option for customers.

Language Learning App

Language learning apps are useful for practicing at home, but they don’t offer the same benefits as learning in a classroom with a teacher. If you’re a native speaker teaching a language, think about creating your own app to reach more clients remotely. Make sure the app provides personalized feedback and maybe even include a video chat feature for conversations in the user’s non-native language.

Fashion Consultant Application

If you’re a personal stylist looking to expand your services online, an app could be the solution. With the personal stylist app, clients can upload photos of their clothes and you can create outfits for them by selecting and arranging items. 

The app also allows for real-time feedback, eliminating the need to wait for the next styling session. You can even organize outfits into folders for different occasions like date nights, work meetings, or soccer games. Additionally, if you come across items that match their style and are for sale, you can suggest in-app purchases, potentially earning a commission.

App for Delivering Groceries

It can be frustrating when the grocery delivery app doesn’t have your preferred store or when your order arrives with missing or wrong items. Consider creating your own app for your local grocery store, deli, or cafe to provide a seamless shopping experience for your loyal customers. This way, they can trust that they are receiving the same high-quality products and service they are used to.

Transcription Service App

People record audio for various reasons like meetings, research, interviews, and memories. However, transcribing audio can be difficult. Many are willing to pay to avoid this task.

If you are good at transcribing or have a transcription business, consider creating an app. Allow customers to upload audio easily. They can choose dates for completion based on your availability. Once done, they will receive a notification to access the transcription on the app.

App for Babysitting Services

Scrambling to find a babysitter last minute is a hassle. If you have a babysitting service, creating an app could enhance your business. Allow approved babysitters to input their availability monthly, and parents can book accordingly. The app could include a calendar view and options for parents to share their children’s needs. Babysitters could showcase their rates, food preferences, and transportation requirements.

Dry Cleaning Service App

Apps can enhance dry cleaning services by providing customers with a convenient way to schedule pick up and drop off. They can choose dates for these services based on their needs. 

Additionally, a live-tracking feature can be included to show customers the progress of their items. The app can also simplify the process of charging extra fees or adding services like mending, starching, or sewing. Moreover, using an app can streamline business operations by digitizing calendars and bookkeeping, helping with organization and tracking inventory.

App for Exploring the Local Area

Tourism companies in popular cities can benefit from using an app. The app allows you to provide information and services to customers, including a live chat feature. Customers can easily access details about the tourist destination, schedule activities, and ask questions. 

The app may also include a calendar of events, packing checklists, restaurant guides, and sightseeing tours. Essentially, the app digitizes your content and makes your services accessible around the clock for customers in need.

App for Exploring the Local Area

Employee Training App for Businesses

eLearning apps have a wide range of uses beyond language learning and recipe practice. They can be utilized to build a digital content library for various purposes. Whether you are training employees on important workflows or educating clients on software usage, using an enterprise app to digitize the process offers many advantages.

One major benefit is that people nowadays prefer on-demand content. Users can learn at their own pace instead of attending scheduled sessions. Additionally, digitizing the training program helps reduce unnecessary expenses. Once you have the platform, the cost of onboarding another user is almost negligible.

Create a Client Portal

Most people favor self-service instead of calling a support hotline. By creating a client portal, you can enhance customer satisfaction and lessen the workload on your support team. There are various methods to manage access to your critical systems.

For instance, National Trench Safety developed a modern portal integrated with its ERP system. This allows users to manage orders independently, without assistance from a technical administrator. Imagine the impact on your business if employees and external users could access necessary information without having to raise a support ticket.

There are countless opportunities. Your business and user requirements are key. How can an app assist in gaining new users, keeping existing ones, or increasing customer lifetime value? Once you have the answer, you can begin development.

Interested in transforming your business into an app? Share your project idea with us. Contact us to begin.

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